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  1, into the woods, the birds call my name, dew and I exchange eyes. Every tree is my friend, they were sent to the boundless green, every tree looking at me.


  2, out of the door, with the breeze with a hit, the wind with dew and the smell of gardenia.


  3, I saw a large fox at the Akita dog come swaggeringly came, his mouth with a trembling chicken.


  4, I traipsed to cruise in the afternoon, until the sunset kissed Xishan, red turtledove song to my mind call back.


  5, the sunset is like a wisp of hair across the sky.


  6, the weather is good, 濮阳癫痫病医院哪里的好sunny, no wind, dry and cold. It was a moonless night, but whole village - white roofs, chimneys of a plume of smoke, trees covered with hoar frost, a silvery white, snow, all visible. Sky strewn with gay twinkling stars, the Milky way is very clear, as if for the holidays, people get the snow to polish it like......


  7, they express volumes each other for a long time, and then go back to the cave together happily to.


  8 and Suo Xi like a from the mountains in jumping out of the wild child, while enwinds mountain running, while Juezhaopigu, betting on gas and myself went. It is especially love trifled with mountain brother: while hand in hand, walk for a while; cross foot shovel, will cut down the middle road.


  9, you see it though lost, still proudly fo长期药物治疗会影响患者的大脑吗rward. It keeps hitting the left and right and finally out of the road. My eyes follow the footsteps of it, it is walking, walking, along the way encountered a lot of companions, they greet each other.


  10, Hello, cool spring! You give me a mirror, is to re dressing? Hello, gurgling streams! You read a little poem, and you want me to sing? Hello, flying waterfall! Your natural voice, the tenor of how imposing. Hello, steep cliff! Deep canyons set off your tall and straight body, you have a high forehead as if engraved with wisdom. Hello, white clouds! Your white figure, let the sky full of quiet, become more blue. Hello, naughty lark, twittering about what? I guess you are flying in the indulge in elaborating on, see the scenery.


天津哪家癫痫病医院较好  11 and you have how many horses are crossed over the other side, rolling in the river as it flows away, you bow waist, leaned over and gazed out over the water figure fish shadow shadow.


  12, suddenly a burst of breeze -- with wet, with a plume of light clouds, rain, quietly come.


  13, how beautiful the flower is the peacock wearing clothes!


  14, the Christmas tree, grandpa to smoke a pipe, and a suction snuff, and frozen for a while small card....... Many small fir tree with thick cream, stood there motionless, waiting to see what a damn.


  15, the beetle musicians to be absorbed in vibrating wings, beautiful rhymes, like general Lingquan flow out.


  16, the earth is selfless, he generously to the flow of mineral 西安去哪个医院看癫痫病好resources.


  17, in the beautiful color high streets and back lanes, small insects, dressed in beautiful costumes. In the thick black beetle, they like southern girl, made many bugs stop chiwang. In front of a group of lizards surrounding the black beetle, the huge monster cast a curious glance. They communicate with friendly conversation, it seems very speculative like. See! The lizard seemed to forget the journey with it, carrying a few black beetles, distant relatives around the house.


  18, I do not know when, rain, quietly stopped. The wind, but also hold the breath, the mountains become very quiet. In the distance, an unknown birds began to trill, seemed to pour out the bath after the joy.


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